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Interactive Digital Business Cards

Unlock the potential of your network with EvoCardLink’s innovative NFC-enabled digital business cards. Share your contact information seamlessly and make lasting impressions.

Revolutionizing Networking

The Future of Business Cards

In today’s fast-paced business environment, traditional business cards often fall short. They can become outdated quickly, are easily misplaced, and lack the ability to provide real-time updates. EvoCardLink’s interactive digital business cards solve these problems by offering a dynamic, updatable solution that ensures your contacts always have your latest information. Say goodbye to reprints and hello to a smarter way of networking.

Challenges With Traditional Cards

Did you know? According to statistics, 88% of business cards handed out are thrown away within a week. Additionally, 63% of people discard business cards because they don’t need the service at that moment. But here’s the thing – just because they don’t need your service now doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. A discarded business card won’t help when they finally do need your services.

With interactive digital business cards, you can engage your contacts instantly. Imagine them tapping your card to access your professional information, website, direct links to your social media profiles, or to save your contact directly into their phone. This immediate access ensures that your information is at their fingertips exactly when they need it.

Have you ever forgotten to bring your business cards to a professional networking session or run out of them during a crucial meeting or event, even after bringing a heavy stack?

Interactive digital business cards are always available online, ensuring you never run out. More importantly, by eliminating the need for paper, you significantly reduce your environmental footprint. This not only aligns with sustainable business practices but also appeals to environmentally conscious clients.

Have you experienced the frustration of reprinting business cards due to updated contact details or job titles? This not only incurs additional costs but also risks outdated cards still circulating.

Interactive digital business cards allow for real-time updates. Whether you change your phone number, job title, or even your entire branding, you can update your digital card instantly. This ensures that all your contacts always have the most current information, eliminating the need for costly reprints and reducing the risk of miscommunication.

Discover EvoCardLink

Revolutionize Your Networking

At EvoGadgets Marketing, we have been focusing on the e-commerce business since 2013. We understand the problems you face and the challenges of implementing new technology. That’s why we have launched the EvoCardLink Solution, a complete and innovative approach to transform traditional business cards into interactive digital ones, catering to both non-tech savvy and tech-savvy users.

By integrating NFC technology, EvoCardLink allows you to share your contact details seamlessly with just a tap. Additionally, each card is equipped with a QR code, ensuring compatibility with all smartphones. EvoCardLink not only enhances your professional presence but also simplifies the process of exchanging and managing contact information.

What is EvoCardLink?

EvoCardLink is an interactive NFC digital business card that includes a physical card storing your interactive digital business card link. You can easily share your contact information by simply tapping the card on a phone. For contacts whose phones do not support NFC, EvoCardLink is also printed with a QR code, allowing you to share your digital business card link seamlessly.

The interactive digital business card link, or Mini Profile Landing Page, showcases your name, contact details, profile, company website, and social media links. Your contacts can effortlessly add your information to their phonebook instantly.

How to share the EvoCardLink ?

We designed EvoCardLink with the concept of instant and borderless sharing. You are not limited to sharing the Mini Profile Landing Page / Interactive Digital Business Card through your physical EvoCardLink. You can also share your Digital Business Card with potential clients via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and etc. Furthermore, satisfied clients can share your Digital Business Card with their friends and family who might need your services. There are no limits to sharing your contact information instantly.

What you will get from EvoCardLink?

EvoCardLink is an innovative NFC digital business card designed to modernize how you share your contact information. It consists of two key elements:

  • Physical NFC Business Card: A physical business card embedded with an NFC chip programmed with your landing page URL. The card also features a native QR code linked to the same URL, providing an alternative method for accessing your information. By simply tapping the card on a phone or scanning the QR code with a phone’s camera, recipients can directly access your Mini Profile Landing Page.
  • Mini Profile Landing Page: A dynamic and interactive landing page that showcases your business profile, social media links, and other essential information. You also have the option to customize this landing page URL to direct visitors to your own website, profile, or social media page.

Additionally, you can share your Mini Profile Landing Page through social media, email, or WhatsApp, ensuring a broad reach and maximizing your networking potential.

Why Choose EvoCardLink?

Instant Sharing

Quickly and effortlessly share your contact information and key details with just a tap (NFC-enabled) or QR code scanning, improving networking efficiency.

Professional Presence

Enhance your professional image with a customizable mini landing page that showcases your profile, services, and contact options.

Custom Physical NFC Card Design

Choose from professionally designed templates or submit your own design in PDF format, allowing for personalized and branded cards.

Easy Contact Management

Save contacts directly to phonebooks via vCard downloads, simplifying the process of exchanging and storing contact information.

Borderless Sharing

Not limited to physical NFC card sharing; you or your customers can also share the card via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

No App Needed

Share and receive information without the need for any application installation, ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience for both parties concerned about security.

What Our Users Say?

I’m thrilled with Evogadgets’ website design services and EvoCardLink products. As a workshop owner, the personalized NFC Digital Business Card and Google Review Card have significantly improved customer interactions. The EvoCardLink makes sharing contact details effortless, while the Google Review Card encourages positive feedback, enhancing my online reputation and attracting new customers.


Business Owner, Nick KTS |

I’ve received fantastic feedback from my contacts when I share my EvoCardLink. It makes follow-ups with potential clients so much easier and more professional.

Y. M. Lim

Production Manager, GoodWill Precision Sdn. Bhd. |

As a startup without a website, EvoCardLink has been incredibly useful. It provides an affordable way to share our profile and contact information with potential clients.


Business Owner , Greyi Enterprise

EvoCardLink has significantly boosted my networking efforts. The ability to update my contact information in real-time ensures that my contacts always have the most current details.

Eddie Khoo

Authorized M E, Plus Xnergy

Using EvoCardLink has streamlined my business interactions. The professional design and ease of use have made a great impression on my clients.

SC Tan

Business Consultant , QLivin Sdn. Bhd.

How to Start?

Choose Your EvoCardLink Model

Select the perfect EvoCardLink model that suits your professional needs from our extensive range available at

Submit Your Information

Once we receive your order confirmation, you will receive a WhatsApp message or email with a simple form to fill out. This form will ask for the public information you would like to share on your digital business card. No account creation or app installation is required. We will handle the rest.

Share Your Digital Card

You will receive your EvoCardLink via courier. You can then start distributing your EvoCardLink through various channels, including NFC taps, QR codes, and social media, to maximize your networking reach.

Key Features of EvoCardLink

NFC-Enabled Cards

Instantly share your contact information and key details with just a tap, making networking more efficient and impressive.

Customizable Design

Create a professional image with a customizable mini landing page  and the physical NFC Card. 

Native QR Code

The QR Code directly encodes the URL of the destination page or content, no direction for third party advertisement, enhancing user trust. 

Call-to-Action Buttons

Include actionable buttons for calls, emails, navigation (Waze or Google Map), website, and social media connections, driving immediate engagement. 

Free Subscription Fee for First Year

We understand that adopting new solutions can sometimes feel like a leap of faith. That’s why we’re offering a free subscription for the first year to let you experience firsthand the convenience and effectiveness of the Mini Profile Landing Page. If you find the Mini Profile Landing Page brings value and benefit to you, you can choose to renew it at an exceptionally low price of RM12 per year.

No App Installation Required

Share and receive information without the need for any application installation, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.

Custom Design Options

Choose from professionally designed templates or submit your own design in PDF format, allowing for personalized and branded cards.

Comprehensive Contact Information

Include name, company name, logo, mobile number, email, mailing address, and company tagline, presenting complete and professional contact details.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Ensure your digital card and mini landing page look great and function well on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops, enhancing accessibility.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce paper waste by using digital business cards, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly practice, appealing to environmentally conscious users.

Secure Data Handling

Ensure the safety and privacy of your information with robust data handling practices, protecting your data from unauthorized access and instilling confidence.

Customer Support

Access dedicated customer support for any issues or custom requests, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience.

Get Started with EvoCardLink Today

Transform your networking experience with EvoCardLink. Order now or contact us for more information on how we can help you make lasting connections.





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